Meet The Project Team

Above is our project team. They are all 6th grade student girls from Cumberland Trace Elementary School in Bowling Green, Kentucky. From Left to Right we have:

  • Hope Hardison – “Hi! I am 12 years old and during my free time I like to read and play with my younger brother and sister. When I grow up, I would like to be a Geneticist, which is a type of doctor that works with children with special needs, such as Autism or Down Syndrome, and their families.”
  • Emma Brittenham – “Hi, my name is Emma Brittenham. I’m 11 years old, in sixth grade, and GOING TO MIDDLE SCHOOL NEXT YEAR!!! My favorite thing to do is work with special education kids. My favorite subjects are writing and recess. Writing because I love to write and recess because it’s when I get to work with the special education kids at my school. I want to be a special education teacher when I grow up. I love special education kids and working with them!!!!!!!!!!”
  • Mini Ganesh – “Hey! Here’s a little info about moi. Some of my fav. pastimes are reading, music, and art. I play piano, flute, and am in GA.T. Art. I like math (algebra) and science. When I grow up, I plan on winning a Nobel Prize! L.O.L., Mini”
  • Anna Scifres –“Ello! I’m Anna and I’m 11 years old, my favorite subject is science and I would like to be a fashion designer, a writer or a potter. I love to make jewelry, make pottery (dragons and pendants), listen to music, sing, and dance and my favorite song is Call Me Maybe.”
  • Lexi Stuart –
  • Maia Madison – “Smello, my name is Maia Madison. What I want to be what I grow up is an animator and artist. I’ve already begun doing animations and improving    my skills. My LIFE IS ART. My favorite bands are: Coldplay, White Stripes, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. My favorite animals are dogs, cats and elephants. I’m 13 and done telling you stuff!”
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