What is Project Terra Incognita?

Project Terra Incognita is a Kickstarter.com project to gather high resolution video and photography from near orbit. This is a both a science and photography project being conducted by a group of six 6th grade girls in Bowling Green, Kentucky. They are requesting donations via Kickstarter.com for a seemingly impossible but absolutely achievable project. Their goal is to send a payload into near-space, take measurements as well as high resolution pictures and video and re-acquire the payload after coming back to earth. The team humbly submits our project for your consideration knowing the only way we can accomplish our goal is with your help!

In return for donations you can receive pictures of the best photos taken in various sizes, a poster, a hard back book of all the best pictures and even a 24″ x36″ canvas print of the best photo taken. Click here to learn more. -> Edge And Back on Kickstarter.

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