Thank You!!!!

Dear Supporters,

We girls from Project Terra Incognita: The Edge and Back would like to thank you for donating. Your donation really helped us reach our goal of $3,600 and more! If it weren’t for you, it would have taken us a lot longer to even come close to our goal. Thank you very much, again, for funding our project, Project Terra Incognita: The Edge and Back.




Thank you all so much for all of your generosity and support for our project. We know that most of you we don’t know and you don’t know us, but we appreciate everything that you have done for this project, from funding $1 or more to leaving very supportive and encouraging comments on our page. We also thank you for liking us on Facebook and linking our website and/or KickStarter page to Twitter or any other social network you may participate in. So, once again, thank you very much for your support and generosity for our project!



Dear Supporters of Project Terra Incognita,

Thank you so much for your generosity. We are very grateful! We know that without your help we would have never reached our goal. As a result of your gifts, my five friends and I will be able to do something no one our age has ever done before. We will gain knowledge and insight the best way we can, by actually doing it. We will observe to learn, just like Sir Issac Newton and the apple, we will be able to share our findings with you.

Thanks again,


Dear Supporters and Backers,

Thank you very much for your donation to Project Terra Incognita: The Edge and Back. We appreciate your interest and support. Without you we could not do this.

Maia Madison


Hey everybody!

This is Mini Ganesh, and I just wanted to say thank you for all the help that you have given us. To all the people who contributed, I am really grateful. Without you, we wouldn’t even have a chance to send those cameras into near space. Thank you for helping us achieve our goal, and we’ll do our best to make you proud. I really appreciate all your help and support! And now, I know that I speak for the team: THANK YOU!!!!!! 🙂



Dear Backers,

I cannot possibly thank you all enough for helping us reach our funding goal. I’m glad I get to do this project and without your help we would’ve never been able to do it. It’s amazing to think that so many people from around the world of different backgrounds, most of whom we didn’t know, are willing and able to come together to support a common cause. My dad says we couldn’t have done this even 3 years ago. I cannot wait to share what we learn and experience with you. We will post updates on and so please be sure to keep up with our project. As one of our backers said, “The sky is NOT the limit!” and you have proven that.

Thank You and Ad Astra!!!!



Dear Backers,

I’m not sure I could say it any better than the girls already have. Thank you so very much for supporting the girls in their project. EVERY donation mattered no matter how small or large. I thank you not just for the monetary contribution but for supporting the underlying sentiment of what this project represents. There is no way we could do something like this without you. While at one level, this project is what it is, a science (and photography) project by a group of young people. At another level, I think it is something more; It represents a small step towards more actively engaging young girls in science, technology and aerospace. Most importantly, It’s about learning to achieve. I hope this project, the team and our backers inspire other young ladies to challenge what may seem impossible and to learn, grow and achieve things they might not have done otherwise.

You made this possible and we sincerely thank you.

And now the fun begins!!

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