Results & Time Lapse of Launch

The time lapse below covers the launch of the Terra Incognita weather balloon compressing a 2 hour and 15 minute time frame to just over 3 minutes. We added some footage from 120,000 feet (just seconds before the balloon burst) to the front of the time lapse just so you can see what it looked like. We will be making another video over the course of the next few weeks covering the entire project that will have more aerial footage.

We are very pleased to share the results of our first mission to the stratosphere with these amazing pictures captured on our journey to the edge of space and back. The images below start with the release of the balloon all the way to landing in the trees. Our flight began just outside Bowling Green, Kentucky (11:45 A.M.) and touched down in the woods behind Amazing Grace Community Church in Lafayette, Tennessee (2:02 P.M.) over an hour away. The flight lasted about 2:17 minutes – about 1:17 up and 1:00 down. We arrived on site around 2:50 P.M. and had the payload in our possession by 3:50 PM. Click on the thumbnail images below to load each image individually.

To download the entire set as one zip file please click here.

The zip file is 34 MB so it might take a few minutes to download depending on the speed of your internet connection. The pictures print out very nicely at 8 1/2″ x 11″ or smaller. I recommend printing them to fit the page and then trimming off the white margins on the top and bottom. I also recommend using glossy photo paper for the best results.

To see a slide show of the best in flight pictures go here:

If you want to see a photo set of all the pictures from the entire project go here:

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3 Responses to Results & Time Lapse of Launch

  1. nathank says:

    very cool!

  2. Isaac says:

    amazing project! I wonder if they could do a second launch with the new Hero3 and take 4k footage of the space too!

    Great project,

    regards from Dominican Republic

  3. David LaHuta says:


    I’m a producer and on-camera reporter for Outside Television, a national cable network with more than 61 million viewers annually. In addition to an adventurous lineup of programs, we also produce a thirty-minute news magazine called Dispatches, which spotlights people making news in the great outdoors today.

    We’re currently producing a seven-minute segment about Kickstarter and plan to highlight four projects that are inherently of interest to our audience, which is just one of the reasons why we’d like to feature The Edge and Back in our story. We love that your team raised over $5,000 via Kickstarter, but beyond that, we adore your ingenuity, resourcefulness and commitment to outdoor exploration. That, and the video is amazing!

    Might you be interested in being a part of our story? If so, please contact me at your earliest convenience. In the meantime, to get a better understanding for what Dispatches reports on, please feel free to watch this this trailer, which will give you a good sense of the show:

    Lastly, I’ll be on assignment in Costa Rica with limited access to email from Wednesday 1/30 through Monday 2/4, so forgive me in advance if I don’t get back to you until my return next week. In the meantime I very much look forward to hearing your thoughts!

    All the best,

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